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"Child prodigy Bruce Banner became a weapons researcher for the US Army, where he was inadvertently exposed to the radiation of a prototype Gamma Bomb. This granted him the power to transform into the nearly invulnerable Hulk -- but at the cost of suffering the consequences of the Hulk's unthinking rages." [1]

Marvel vs. Capcom 3Edit

"A genius scientist, Bruce accidentally absorbed huge amounts of gamma radiation during a bomb test. As a result, when his anger or negative emotions reach a boiling point, he transforms into the green-skinned Hulk, complete with incredible power that sets the standard for strength." [2]


The Incredible Hulk: The Video GameEdit

The Incredible Hulk The Video Game00:59

The Incredible Hulk The Video Game


Ten FTW - Top 10 Marvel Superhero Transformations07:28

Ten FTW - Top 10 Marvel Superhero Transformations

Rank #02 at 4:58

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