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"Skurge was borne of a storm giant and goddess. Rejected by the giants, he turned his dimension splitting axe against them, earning his nickname. He is loyal to the Enchantress, who brought him to earth." [1]

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Known History

"The Directorate knows little of the Executioner prior to his first appearance on Earth to attack Thor and his allies in the Avengers. SHIELD will have to defer to its resident expert on all matters Asgardian: Thor."


“Skurge could number himself among Asgard’s finest defenders, but instead he had to fall in love with Amora the Enchantress, and once ensorceled by her feminine wiles began following her like a puppy dog into one mad scheme after another.
“My comrade Anthony Stark, whom the sagas rightly extol as The Iron Man, has suggested I gather together a group of my fellow Asgardians together to perform a Ritual of Purification on Skurge that Tony calls an ‘Intervention.’
“To rid Skurge of Amora’s pernicious influence I would try almost anything, and have requested literature on these ‘Interventions’ from the keepers of knowledge upon Nicholas Fury’s floating Helicarrier.” — Thor


Marvel Avengers Alliance - Logo

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  • Axe Cleave
  • Flaming Axe
  • Ice Blast

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